Abandoned gas station somewhere in Texas.

Spotted on the trip out west.

      In November of 2016, I flew out to Switzerland to work with Meissuers.ch to make a visual adaptation of Still Can't Fall (feat. Nori), off the From Your Window EP.         
        Here are a few of the photos I took during my week stay.     






     I stayed with Gabriel of Messieurs, in a town called Busigny.      
















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     I walked around the town whenever I could.     




































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     Gabriel and I spent a few days location scouting.     






     Seeing snow is always a highlight for me.     




































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     Marie (costume design/makeup) let us film the interior shots at her place.      






     What I remembered most, for some reason, is the light in Marie's attic.     




































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     Setting up the set for the indoor shots required lots of prepping.     




































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     After finishing the indoor scene, we cooked dinner, and signed Marie's wall.     


























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     Up next to film was the outdoor scene.     






     Originally there were going to be more dancers in the video, but there ended up being two versions. You can watch the other version with the other dancers  here .      


























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     One day, my new friends took me up to see the Swiss Alps.      


























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     Last day I was there, Gabriel showed me around the nearby city of Lausanne.     






     Last night of my stay, we all got fondue. Probably the best fondue I've ever had.     






     And just like that, my week in Switzerland was over too soon, and it was time to fly home.     



              Had a connecting flight at the Amsterdam airport, where I caught this sight.   



     As much as I'd like to share with you every single photo I took, I think these memories pretty much sum up the week.  Thank you for checking it out.   Until next time,  ~Feverkin  If you would like to know more about the song, here is a photo journal for Still Can't Fall  here .  If you'd like to listen to the rest of the From Your Window EP, you can listen  here . 

Filming Still Can't Fall

The Beat Life in Atlanta

Played at an event called BEATLIFE in downtown east Atlanta over the weekend. 

BEATLIFE is an event here in the south east where electronic musicians of various genres get together and play back to back sets. 

This was the 15x15 edition BEATLIFE, an event where 15 music producers play a set for 15 minutes each. 

Lots of variety and lots of energy in the room that night. 

A few of the artists who played a set.

Feverkin (the author of this post, hello!) 

10th Letter






Oak City Slums

Omari Jazz

Panther God

P Villa


Tyler Ambrosius


If you want to know about the next Beatlife, give a follow to The Asheville Beat Tape Collective


Hope you're having a chill one, 


Portland, Oregon

Spent the weekend in Portland, Oregon. I flew out having no set plans. 

Stayed in St. Johns, an area in North Portland. My hosts were gracious and had a cozy space. 

Flew in Thursday night, so first thing I did Friday was explore the town.

After, I went to hear some music at an open mic. Left my camera behind that night.

Saturday morning. 

Saturday morning. 

Saturday I met up with photographer Silas Sao, whom I met over Instagram (@silassao), and whose work has a relatable dark feeling to me. 

I get the chills just looking at his work. 

I get the chills just looking at his work. 

We took a trip to Mt. Hood, which is that mountain in the distance. 

View from St. Johns Bridge.

View from St. Johns Bridge.

We drove as far up Mt. Hood as the road takes you: to Timberline lodge, which happened to be used for establishing shots in the "The Shining." You can ask for "the axe" and they'll actually hand an axe to you and let you walk around with it. 

Mt. Hood, in all its glory. 

At Timberline lodge we found a little nook that had some moody lighting.  

Portrait of Silas. 

Portrait of Silas. 


Afterwards, Silas dropped me off back in town and I stuck around to see the Starlight Parade, an annual parade in Portland that I'm told brings in up to 300,000+ people every year. 

Sometime after the parade started, I got a donut at Voodoo Doughnut, the "touristy" thing to do. So yes, of course I went. 

Voodoo Donuts.jpg

Went back to the house that Saturday and just crashed on the bed. 

Sunday morning.

Sunday morning.

Sunday, I decided to just chill around the house and write a little and edit some photos.  

Monday morning. 

Monday morning. 

Last day in Portland. Took the bus into town and had lunch with Silas.

After, I hung out with an unexpected new friend before heading to the airport. :) 

Flying home that evening, I couldn't be more thankful to have a window seat. 

Flight Home Feels.jpg

All in all, I'm glad I took a chance. 


Oh! As of writing this, it's been 1 week since the release of my debut EP "From Your Window." Just want to thank y'all for supporting me. 

If you haven't heard it yet, it's on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, etc. 

You also can get it on vinyl (if that's your thing) here

Album art by Laura Wick. Check her out! @laurawickphoto

Album art by Laura Wick. Check her out! @laurawickphoto


Anyway, as always, thanks for sticking around.  





Blog Announcement

Blog Announcement





I'll be making a couple entries a month detailing what's going on in the studio, in my travels, and other things I think are worthy of mentioning.

In between all that however,  you can find me here: 


Hope you're having a chill one. : )