In November of 2016, I flew out to Switzerland to work with to make a visual adaptation of Still Can't Fall (feat. Nori), off the From Your Window EP. 

Here are a few of the photos I took during my week stay.

I stayed with Gabriel of Messieurs, in a town called Busigny. 

I walked around the town whenever I could.

Gabriel and I spent a few days location scouting.

Seeing snow is always a highlight for me.

Marie (costume design/makeup) let us film the interior shots at her place. 

What I remembered most, for some reason, is the light in Marie's attic.

Setting up the set for the indoor shots required lots of prepping.

After finishing the indoor scene, we cooked dinner, and signed Marie's wall.

Up next to film was the outdoor scene.


Originally there were going to be more dancers in the video, but there ended up being two versions. You can watch the other version with the other dancers here

One day, my new friends took me up to see the Swiss Alps. 

Last day I was there, Gabriel showed me around the nearby city of Lausanne.

Last night of my stay, we all got fondue. Probably the best fondue I've ever had.

And just like that, my week in Switzerland was over too soon, and it was time to fly home.

Had a connecting flight at the Amsterdam airport, where I caught this sight. 

Had a connecting flight at the Amsterdam airport, where I caught this sight. 

As much as I'd like to share with you every single photo I took, I think these memories pretty much sum up the week.

Thank you for checking it out. 

Until next time,


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